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The vision of this select sale is to create a venue for East Coast breeders to sell their donkeys. We hope that people from all over the United States and other countries will come to buy and sell as well. We want this sale to be about the donkeys and our miniature donkey community.
Farms that have already "RSVP" to the 2016 Sale as Cosigners or Buyers 
Continental Farm (Indiana) (can ship to the mid-west) 
Assphalt Acres (Indiana)
Hazelwood Miniature Donkeys (can ship to the southeast) (Tenn/ Al / Ga)
Stay A While Farm (West Virginia) 
Top Hats & Longears Farm (VA)
Amore Mini's (New York)
Hee Haw Farm (PA)
Trails End Ranch (PA)
Papetti's Eggstraordinary Mini Donkeys & Micro Minis (NJ)
KZ's Asspirations (NJ)
Lucky J's Miniature Donkeys (PA)
Bainbridge's Miniature Donkeys (NJ)
Five Oaks ASSetts (OH)
Copper Star Farm Miniature & Standard Donkeys (PA)
JEP's Farm Miniature Donkeys (PA)
Cedar View Farm Miniature Donkeys (PA)
Donkette Korral (PA)
Brayer's R Us (PA)
Tiny Tykies Miniature Donkeys (PA)
Windemeer Farm Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys (Amissville, VA)
Hidden Assetts Miniature Donkeys (Hudsonville, MI)
Hawkwind Farm (Mattawan, MI)
Brayer Acres (PA)
Donkey Hollow (Missouri)
Kearn's Bray & Hill Farm (Ohio) 
Sandglass Miniature Donkeys (London, Ontario)
Half Ass Acres (Chapel Hill, TN) 
Hill's Haven Donkeys (Fort Madison, Iowa)
Heiken's Ark (Iowa)
Lazy Nissen's 
Miller's Meadow (Kansas)
Brayfields (Florida)
Yonder Farm (Maryland)
Oakwood Farm (North Carolina)
Brayin & Playin Miniature Donkeys (Maryland)


Farms that have already "RSVP" to the 2017 Sale as Cosigners or Buyers 
Please contact Kim Zellers or Emily Hoponick to let us know that you are coming to the sale. 
KZ Asspiration Acres (NJ) (Consigning)
Bainbridge Long Ear Acres (NJ) (Consigning)
Donkette Korral (PA) (Consigning)
Copper Star Farm Miniature Donkeys (PA) (Consigning)
Cedar View Farm Miniature Donkeys (PA)
Critter Haven Farm (PA)
Merry Oak Stables (VA)
Miller's Meadow (KZ) (Consigning)
Continental Farm (IN) (Consigning)
Brayer Acres (PA)
Windview Farm (OH)
Assphalt Acres (IN) (Consigning)
Stay A While Farm (WV)
Brayfield's Miniature Donkeys (FL)
JEP's Farm (PA)
Nissen's Lazy N Ranch (IA)
Hidden Assets Miniature Donkeys (MI)
Harralson Donkey Hollow (MO) (Consigning)
Braeland Farm (Del)
Oakwood Farm (NC)
Kern's Bray'n Hill Farm (OH)
​Down the Mountain Mini's (PA)